Seafood International Traders (S.I.T), a 100% Surimi Business Company based in Belgium, have been involved in production, import and export of Surimi all over the world since 1976.

Surimi is a crab/shrimp/lobster imitation obtained in any form or quality. It is a fine substitute for real crab with high quality Surimi not to be distinguished from real crabmeat. Surimi is responding to a better price/quality demand in the food industry.

We guarantee The Quality Standards of a European Company:

  • Consistent quality Surimi products from our joint venture partners.
    • In strong relationship with selected producers we have started up our own 'Quality Inspection Team' in Asia since 1985. As a result we control the different ingredients and compositions of our products to maintain our high quality standards at any time during the production process. The most important ingredients are provided by SIT.

  • The choice of any required quantity, quality and packing of our products.
    • As Surimi is a composition of 17 different ingredients, from which the Fish Surimi Base is the most important, a range of qualities can be supplied.
    • It is the customer, and the demand of his market of course, who will take the decisions about the product composition and packing and, as a result, the price of the chosen product.

  • A well organised distribution
    • Seafood International Traders Ltd. has important stocks in Belgium and can deliver goods, by pallet, at all times all over Europe. Shipment from Asia or Belgium to all over the world is possible by 20feet or 40feet containers.

  • A Highly professional service at all times.
    • We are standing behind our products and will solve any of your Surimi- problems!

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Kattestraat 35 - 3272 Testelt - Belgium
tel. +32(0)13 77 10 78 - fax +32 (0)13 77 76 46